Beach Wedding



If you're looking for an intimate sunset wedding on a white sandy beach, Goa is the perfect destination. Goa is a world known holiday spot and is known for its sunny and blue water beaches. Its pristine beaches, vast stretches of swaying palms and breath taking canopies.. all combine to form a perfect destination for a dream wedding.


India is known worldwide for its diversity and richness in culture. The importance of wedding in India lies in the fact that Indians have a strong belief in the institution of marriage. Being home to a large number of religions, the first way in which Indian weddings can be differentiated is by the difference in customs of the various religions. So wedding, here is one of the most significant and celebrated occasions.


Gaiety and merrymaking mark the ceremonies of Christian weddings and Goa is no exception. Christian weddings follow certain rituals and customs of the land of their birth into the main ceremonies rest is all the same. Christian weddings could be with or without a 'mass'. But preferably people opt for weddings in presence of holy mass for some extra blessings to their marriage. which is followed by the wedding reception.